About L’Art de vivre

A project that focuses on the quality of life inspired by the relaxed, rich and inspiring atmosphere of Lac-Brome, Marc Brochu and Guillaume Lemieux dreamed up and conceived the project of L'Art de vivre, just like this community unique to Quebec.

Our vision

This project represents a unique opportunity to help raise awareness of the exceptional quality of life in the Lac-Brome region. In addition to the natural beauty of the site, we want to create a community that can take advantage of the services offered to residents, such as snow removal, landscaping and the development of common areas. It is in collaboration with the architectural firm Jubinville and Associates that our vision of the project was born.


Contemporary and minimalist architecture highlights the most beautiful attractions of nature. To achieve this vision, the residences will be located in locations that optimize both the panorama and the privacy of private courtyards, unlike a street-level alignment as is common in conventional residential projects. The shape of the buildings will have to harmonize with the volumetry of the ground, while keeping a proportional scale with the site.

Architectural styles

For your future home, you can choose from one of the 4 contemporary styles proposed by our architects. It is also possible to commission the architect or designer of your choice as long as you respect the aesthetics and harmony of the entire project

The inspiration for the architecture comes from the volumetry of the farmhouses of the region, which we find in the middle of pastures. The forms of these ancestral homes are reinterpreted and; sleek. The lines are simplified and the openings are amplified so that the outside lives inside the properties. The architecture is designed to exploit the panorama while preserving the intimacy of the courtyard with respect to the neighbourhood. To highlight the architecture and timelessness of the buildings, they are dressed in noble materials: the wood used for the construction of farm buildings and stone, which we find in the fields. More contemporary materials can be added in accent, to anchor buildings in our time by using steel panels or architectural concrete. To this is added landscaping integrated with the architecture and the landscape for the comfort of the residents of L’Art de vivre.


Marc Brochu

Marc built his first home in 1985 when he was just 18 years old. Nearly 35 years later, this entrepreneur-born has managed several successful projects, such as the Camping of Bromont Park in 2009, Camping Vélo 2000 in Bromont in 2012 and Camping Do-Re-Mi in Eastman in 2017. With the project of l'Art de vivre, Marc returns to his first love and shares his passion for real estate with a community that inspires him.

Guillaume Lemieux

It was at a very young age that Guillaume entered the world of entrepreneurship by founding an excavation company in Lac-Brome in 2003. Building on the success of this well-established and renowned company for the quality of its services, Guillaume sees the project of L'Art de vivre as an opportunity to take on a new challenge and demonstrate in practice that there is an art of living in Lac-Brome. It is also an opportunity for him to introduce new residents to the exceptional living environment that the region offers.

Our partners